is a website and an exhibition in the form of an online participatory project. All the images are taken, edited and published using mobile devices. For two months, from 1 June to 31 July 2013, all the photos published on will be shown in the exhibition on show at various points in Barcelona, simultaneously and in the same instant as the photographers publish them. is a project of Barcelona Photobloggers for Circuit 2013 de fotografia documental.

Barcelona Photobloggers’ data is as follows:

Registered address: Calle Mare de Déu del Port, 321 Esc. 1 Entresuelo 4, 08038, Barcelona
Tax number: G65185324 will continue with other social themes in different cities when Circuit 2013 ends.

How to take part

  • The platform used to publish photographs is the Instagram application. You will need an account to be able to take part.
  • REGISTER on our website by accepting the Terms and conditions. Your application will soon be evaluated.
  • Once your application is accepted, you can publish photos on When you post a photo to Instagram, label it with the hashtag #byebyewelfare or #buildingcommongood. Shortly afterwards, the system will import it automatically.

Who can take part?

Persons who are legally of age, resident anywhere in the world, regardless of their nationality.

Legal terms and conditions

Participants must present their own work and, by submitting it, guarantee that they are the sole copyright owner of the photograph and the image rights of the people who may appear in it, and therefore have the right to use it and transfer it to third parties. In particular, the participant exempts Barcelona Photobloggers from any claims regarding copyright or other exclusive rights of third parties that may be infringed by entering this photograph in the competition, and accepts responsibility for any claims involving sanctions, fines or damages.

The photographs must be the original exclusive work of the person who submits them. That is, each participant must be the author and owner of the rights of use and image of each photograph they submit.

The content of the photographs must not show obscene or defamatory material.

The due observance and respect for all rights in the case of each photograph and its content (persons, places, situations, products, brand names, objects, etc.), and the copyright and image rights represented by the photographs submitted, are the sole responsibility of the participant, who in all cases exempts Barcelona Photobloggers of all responsibility.

The participants must answer to claims of authorship or infringement of image rights that may be formulated by third persons in relation to works submitted by the former. All the information, data, text, photographs and labels or other materials that may be posted publicly or transmitted privately are the sole responsibility of the participant.

By submitting photographs for publication, the user accepts and agrees to these conditions of entry, and in particular the following points:

  • Barcelona Photobloggers is authorized, non-exclusively, to reproduce, distribute, communicate publicly and present to the public the photograph entered in the competition, all over the world and for the maximum period allowed by Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, which approves the Revised Text of the Act on Intellectual Property.
  • Participants, when their photographs are accepted for publication, authorize Barcelona Photobloggers to include the content on:
    • the website and the network of screens connected to it;
    • a printed catalogue of the exhibition;
    • social networks to promote the project, and
    • the exhibition of hard copies of the photographs submitted.
  • Barcelona Photobloggers will always credit the author in all channels in which a photograph is published, to the extent that this is possible.
  • Barcelona Photobloggers will in no case use the photographs submitted to promote products and/or brands other than the organization itself.
  • Barcelona Photobloggers will not cede the photographs to other bodies.
  • Barcelona Photobloggers may send participants communications by electronic means to inform them about the fotómetro project or similar projects.

Barcelona Photobloggers reserves the right to cancel a user’s participation and any of their works already published if the user has not complied with these conditions of entry.

Likewise, the participant may at any time withdraw from the project, removing the photos posted for this purpose to Instagram, as outlined in this document.

Barcelona Photobloggers reserves the right to change these conditions of entry at any time, in which case the new conditions will be published on the website In the event that the user does not accept the new conditions of entry, they may withdraw from the project.

Likewise, Barcelona Photobloggers reserves the right to cancel the project at any moment.

Data protection

Any data that the participant supplies for the purposes of the fotómetro project will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (L.O. 15 / 1999, dated 13 December) and, as applicable, be incorporated into an automated file that belongs to and is the responsibility of Barcelona Photobloggers, which is registered with the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos. At no time will data be shared with parties other than Barcelona Photobloggers.

Barcelona Photobloggers will establish the necessary technical and organizational means to guarantee the security conditions required by automated files, treatment centres, premises, equipment, system, programs and persons involved in the automated treatment of personal data in the manner provided by law.

In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13 December, the persons in question may exercise their right to access, cancel, rectify or oppose by clearly indicating their full name with a copy of their national identity document by either of the following means:

A letter addressed to:
Calle Mare de Déu del Port, 321 Esc. 1 Entresuelo 4, 08038, Barcelona
An email addressed to: or

Notwithstanding the above, by accepting the entry conditions of fotómetro, the participants declare that they know and agree to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the INSTAGRAM social network, absolving in all cases Barcelona Photobloggers of any use that this platform may make of the photographs submitted to fotómetro.

Any conflicts arising between the users of, the authors and the owners of the rights of the works will be settled by the Courts of Barcelona (Spain) and will be subject to Spanish law.


Will I lose the rights to my work if I take part in fotómetro?
No. You will just be giving us the right to show your work in the exhibition. The work is yours and yours alone.

Can I remove a photo I send to or my whole account?
Yes. Just write to and we will remove it.

Can I submit old photos?
Yes. Just add one of the hashtags (#byebyewelfare or #buildingcommongood), making a comment about the photo, but remember that the photos are ordered chronologically by date of publication on Instagram.

Can I post photos taken with a reflex camera?
No. The central idea is that the images are taken, edited and published using mobile devices. If you use images taken with a different kind of device, your entry may be cancelled.

Why do you use Instagram rather than another platform?
We chose Instagram because we share the same philosophy and because it is the mobile photography social network with the greatest number of users that has a 2.0 integration system (API) ready to extend its services with others, for example exhibitions like ours. Creating an exhibition “in real time” in which the user only needs to place a tag to exhibit is a reflective expository concept, but it also requires infrastructure.